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    Using 2 data sets in the same area chart

    Mattia Balzarini

      Hi everybody,

      I have a visualization that is sending me nuts. I ask for your help to keep my brain mentally sane


      I have 3 columns. Number of rows is not unique per users, but it's actually all transactions of users.

      UserId (string)

      RegistrationDate (date & time)

      FirstPaidDate (date & time)


      Now what I wanna achieve is having on X axis a scale which is a date.

      On Y I have my users (just the ones from a specific Month(FirstPaidDate).

      The graph should be a pile of lines(each line a user) with as starting point the RegistrationDate and as ending point the FirstPaidDate


      The problem is to have the 2 dates fit in a unique scale. Dual axis wouldn't work because it would show the point of registration and the point of firstpaid but without connecting them for each user.


      I found possible workarounds like creating the datedifference between the 2 dates and use it on the X axis, this would give me something very similar.

      But I really need to have an actual date scale on the X axis.


      Any Ideas?