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    Create new dimention with Data Blending

    Amiya Basak



      I have issue create a new dimension combining two datasource dimension.

      I have one data source from Teradata and another one from Oracle. Table from Teradata have date and Oracle table have Hour:Minute. They bothe table have common column and unique. When I create relation between two table Tableau automatically create relationship between two table. Now I want to create one calculated filed "Timestamp" by combine with Date (From Teradata) and HH:Minutes (From Oracle)


      Issue is when I am creating is calculated field as primary data source Teradata then the Timestamp is showing only Data and other side for Oracle it shows only HR:Minutes.


      I also tried same taking two excel file data also. But somehow new calculated field combining two dimension from two different source not working.


      Is there anything I am doing wrong.


      Please suggest.




      Amiya Basak