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    Is there a way to sync the axis of two worksheets using different types of bar vs. gantt


      Hello Community!


      I've got two worksheets.  One is a gantt chart, the other is a stacked bar chart.  The stacked bar chart is representing a custom "total".  I want to line them up side by side and have it appear as if they are one chart.  My issue is I cannot get the axis's to line up perfectly.  I've tried creating a reference line to force each axis to the largest total that would be on either chart.  This worked well actually.  I also forced the tick marks to be the same increment.  The problem is, it appears Tableau decides to put just a little bit of a different amount of spacing at the top of a chart depending on if it's a bar chart, gantt chart, or stacked.  So one chart will assume to go to the next  higher value then the other, even though the reference lines are at the top and the exact same value.

      • I've checked all formatting of lines, boxes etc.
      • Cleared manual sizing
      • Made sure titles are not showing in either chart.
      • Made sure header text values are the same height.
      • Using fixed axis is not an option, as the values can change greatly depending on date.


      Open to suggestions.


      Currently using Tableau Version  81