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    Left click "Keep only" / "Exclude" ubertips / command buttons missing on Tableau Server workbook

    Mark Gemmell

      Hi everyone,


      I have found similar threads on these forums, but they haven't solved my issue.   On Tableau desktop I can left click the color legend on a dashboard and see ubertips:

      The same dashboard on Tableau server does not show the tips when clicked:

      I am logged into server as admin. 


      Tooltips over data points (desktop and server) do show the ubertips


      Filter permissions are enabled (guess they always would be for admin in any case?)

      Tooltips have command buttons enabled

      I am using


      • Tableau Desktop version: 9.3.0
      • Tableau Server version: 9.3.1


      I can't upload the workbook as it contains sensitive data, hoping screenshots and other information maybe enough to diagnose.


      Any help or suggestions much appreciated.