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    Run As Account can't refresh file-based extracts

    Bryan Cook

      Our Tableau Server implementation uses a Run As Account (a unique Active Directory account used only for Tableau Server) for authentication. When we publish to the server, any data refreshes authenticate via the "Tableau Service" user. For database connections, this technique works perfectly. We have given "Tableau Service" full access to our databases, so we have no authentication issues there.


      We'd like to be able to refresh extracts from file-based sources. Our current system, which has been unsuccessful, involves SharePoint libraries as a network location.


      1. The user uploads an Excel file to a SharePoint library, which the "Tableau Service" active directory user has full control access to connect.

      2. The user maps a network location (NOT a network drive) to the SharePoint library on his local computer.

      3. The user builds a dashboard using that Excel file from the SharePoint library and publishes to Tableau Server, extracting the data before publishing.

      4. The extract is unable to be refreshed on Tableau Server. We receive the error "Unable to connect to the file <file name here, including the SharePoint network path>. Check that the file exists and that you have sufficient access privileges for it."


      The "Tableau Service" account has full control access to the SharePoint library, and it is also has Server Administrator rights on Tableau Server. This seems like a permissions issue, but "Tableau Service" has full permissions everywhere to my knowledge. What's wrong with our setup?


      Things I've learned so far:

      1. The user must map a network location, not a network drive, since Tableau basically stores network drives in a temp folder and loses the path upon refresh.

      2. The Run As Account must have access to the SharePoint library and Tableau Server.


      EDIT: We're using Tableau Server v9.3 and SharePoint 2010.