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    Creating a Filter Based on Data from Another Filter

    Chris Sawyer

      I have a data set with invoice records.  Some records have promo codes and some do not.  I have the [Customer] on the Rows.  I'm using the [Promo Code] as a filter (which will isolate a set of customers) and then filter the rest of the data set with that isolated set of customers.  I'm trying to determine their pattern of spending before the promo, during the promo, and after the promo.  Additionally, this is a dashboard with data that refreshes, so this needs to be dynamic.  I have a parameter that lists the promo codes and a dimension filter that looks for "...if [Promo Code Parameter] = [Promo Code] then....do whatever.  The problem is I can't get my level of detail calculation correct so it applies the filtered customers to the entire data set.  Currently, it'll only apply it to records with that same promo code - which is logical.  I've tried searching for it, but clearly I'm not using the correct nomenclature.