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    Sales by Zip [Filled Map] - How to show percentage of sales

    Rohin Sharma

      Hello I have created a sales by zip filled map that primarily shows our retail sales by color.

      When you mouseover you get information such as the zip code , city name , and total sales made within that zipcode


      It works fairly well for my purpose but I have been wondering how to make the map even more useful by showing when you hover over a zip code,

      Zipcode, City, total sales ... AND if possible within the tooltip the % of sales that came from a specific store.


      My data looks similar to the below and is run from a CSV I feed tableau.

      Using the example below , the zip code 11590 would have total sales of $10,000 in the month of June.


      If I hover over the zipcode 11590 I would love to be able to show within the tooltip


      Total Sales in Zip $10K

      % of Sales by Store within Zip

      Westbury - 10%

      Melville - 80%

      Riverhead - 10%


      (if the list can be ordered so the store that made most sales in the zip is shown at the top position within tooltip that would be helpful)


      I think this would be insanely useful for sales cannibilization reports and visualization purposes.

      I am also open to better ideas than this.


      Thank You


      Customer's Zip Code
      Store IDSale Amount
      Sale DateHeader 5Header 6Header 7Header 8