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    Using Dashboard Filter Clears All Other Filters

    Christy Smith

      Hi there!  I have two charts and two detail worksheets in a single dashboard.  Each set of charts and details have different metrics, but the same 4 dimension filters to show results for the same set of users.  I have exposed one of the chart filters on the dashboard so that users can narrow the results down to a single (or multiple) individuals (who the records are "Assigned To").  I've applied that chart filter to both detail worksheets using the Apply to worksheets --> Selected worksheets option.  I would expect that both detail sheets would keep all existing results and simply filter their results further, and that is the case for the detail sheet that matches the chart filter in question.


      However, it appears that the other detail sheet is clearing all existing filters and only applying the filter for the selected user, which essentially shows more data that the user is expecting to see.


      Is there a way to use this filter consistently across both detail views without "clearing" the filters of one sheet, or will I need to expose both "Assigned To" filters?


      Thanks for your suggestions!