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    Tabs & Filters: Info disappears/merges when toggling between dashboards

    Emily Le Coz

      Hey guys,


      I created an election guide but am having problems with dashboard actions and tabs. And it's driving me crazy that I can't figure out the problem.


      THE SETUP: There's a main dashboard that shows pics of the candidates. When you click a pic, you go to the candidate's specific dashboard. I used dashboard actions (filters) to make the pics clickable. You can also toggle between the candidates using the tabs that appear on top. (I attached an example of a workbook.)


      THE PROBLEM: If you ONLY click on the pics, everything works beautifully. But if you use the tabs, the candidates' info sometimes disappears or merges with that of other candidates. (Hiding the tabs would solve the problem, but if I do that, the clickable pics don't work anymore. You need the tabs to appear in order for the dashboard actions to work.)


      THE SOLUTION? I have no clue. Please help.