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    Displaying 0 for 'Non existent' Data

    Andy Pohl

      Hi Tableau Community,


      I am a fairly new tableau user and am struggling with a simple request for which most likely has a simple solution.


      We are wishing to count and display the number of individuals in each of several groups assigned to the true or false bin of a boolean variable.  This in itself is simple however we would like to display the information in 'grouped bar chart' where each group has both true and false bars displayed.  The problem is when a group has a 0 count for either the true of false bin this row is left off the chart.  We would like this to be displayed with bar of length 0 (blank) so that each group has both t/f rows and the same number of 'bars' (some will be 0)  on the chart.


      I have found several tableau community posts referencing similar problems, and have tried various techniques to show empty rows, null values and attempted to use some calculated fields to try and get around the issue but haven't had any luck yet.


      Please see the attached workbook which has some dummy data demonstrating our problem.


      Thanks a lot!!!