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    Using same workbook "template" on many data sources

    Vytenis Janilionis



      I have the following setup:
      - N data sources (connections to different database tables which have IDENTICAL structure)
      - N workbooks for each data source (each workbook is IDENTICAL, i.e. I have a "template" workbook, not just the formatting, but also the columns, graphs, filters etc are the same)


      At the moment if I change something in the "template" workbook, I need to publish this N times (together with each data source) separately to keep everything updated. Is there by any chance a more efficient way to make such updates? Suggestions to join all the tables into one table and put this into one workbook with an additional filter are not welcome



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          Tom W

          Tableau files are all just XML content which can be manipulated in a text editor or by scripting.

          If it were me, I would create a script which takes a 'template' document and replaces the connection aspect of that Tableau file with the new source information, outputs a new files, moves onto the next etc.


          The best demonstration of this is, copy your template, edit the connection / datasource to point to the new datasource, then compare the contents of the XML in both the Tableau files side by side in a text editor like Notepad++. You'll see exactly where the differences are and thus, what you would need to replace in a scripted process.

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            Christen Webster

            Good question Vytenis! I often wonder the same thing! Most of my data comes in similar format (well I have to make it that way) and so even though some of the fields may be unnecessary I add them in all the same. I keep not wanting to save the template down and add new data so as to not make multiple templates.


            Tom - Without knowing XML, is this a simple thing to figure out? I'm a 1 desktop licence user, with a few others in the small business using Reader to review my reports. How would this work for them? Or wouldn't it?

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              Tom W


              The only option you have through the desktop tool is the 'Replace Data

              Source' functionality.

              Otherwise you need to go down the path of editing XML using a script or

              creating scripts which utilize an API. None of that will be particularly

              easy if you don't understand XML or have experience with a scripting tool.


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