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    Aggregate filter not working at summary level

    Stuart Hill

      I am really struggling to resolve what is probably a simple issue but I'm having a not seeing the wood for the trees moment!


      I have a data set that looks at sessions (identified by distinct TransactionID) of play in a casino.  A session is made up of one or many detail sessions - similar to how an order will have one or many order lines.

      I want to count the number of sessions where the minutes per session (SUM(minutes) / COUNTD(TransactionID)) is say > 9.  This is not a problem at the granularity of TransactionID (see Detail worksheet) however when I want to only display the # Sessions with the same filter applied I do not get the same value of 8130 but the total number of sessions in the dataset.

      I have tried using LOD calculations but with no success so far, any advice very gratefully recieved.


      Thanks in advance, Stu