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    Confusion with tableau extracts being published to tableau server

    Stephen Wagner

      My goal is to create a dashboard on the server that would utilize a published data source that is an extract that is posted on the server.  That way, someone else could download the data source and create other workbooks to publish back up to the server.  The process I followed is the following:

      Create workbook with live connection

      Extract data (.tde file) - At this point, the workbook shows the extract icon.

      Publish the data source (which I'm assuming is the extract?) to Tableau Server, and selecting to connect the workbook to the tableau data source.  This changes the icon to the tableau square icon.

      Publish workbook to tableau server.


      At this point, I was expecting to see on tableau server an extract posted as a data source along with the workbook tied to that data source.  Instead, I'm finding that two data sources are created, the one within the project says Connection Type SQL Server, though has a date listed under Live/Last Extract.  The other is within the workbook and Connect Type Tableau Server, but says Live in the Live/Last Extract column.


      I'm concerned that the workbook will not be working as efficiently as possible if my data source is not set properly.  There will be many end users for these reports.


      What steps am I missing to get these published properly?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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          Andrew Watson

          Publish the data source to the server, as you have done. Then, within your workbook, add that new published data source as a new data connection to your workbook. You can then replace the data source within your workbook, making use of the published data source and rendering your 'local' extract within the workbook redundant.


          You can delete your local data source from the workbook if you wish - however I suggest keeping a copy of the code used to create that extract somewhere so you are able to modify the published extract should you require in future (and it's more or less certain you will be required to make some changes in future).

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            Stephen Wagner


            Thanks, that makes sense and I think helped to gather my thoughts surrounding this.  I just did what you suggested with a different data source/workbook to test and the results are the same.  Based on this, what you seem to be saying is that what I am seeing in the Data Source interface on the server is correct.  Meaning, at the Project level, Connection Type is "Microsoft SQL Server"; Connects To is the database server name; and Live/Last Extract has a date of 1am, since I just published it.  By this field having a time listed, that means that it is an extract and connects to the database to refresh. 

            Within the Workbook level on the server, the Connection Type is "Tableau Server" and the Connects To shows the Project level Data Source Name, while this one's Name has an icon that has the database icon with a sheet in front, which I guess means extract.  Though it says Live/Last Extract is Live, the fact that it is connecting to the Tableau Server data source means it really is based on whatever that source is, which in this case is an extract.


            My last question...why, at the Project level, is the icon just the database symbol, even though it is an extract?  That may be the last part that was driving my confusion in this situation.




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              Andrew Watson

              Hi Steve. SImple answer is that I don't know. I don't currently have an instance of Tableau Server to work with to adivse how things look on my end to know whether I see the same as you. Someone else out there should be able to advise but hopefully it's now working for you anyway.