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    Cross-team collaboration on building measures

    Mosin K

      Folks, this thread was probably discussed and buried a while back. Resurrecting it again, hoping that others may have build a workaround to accomplish this.

      My team need to work on building measures and calculation from few datasources, where a calculated measure may be reused in other calculations. Typical stuff. I can either push the measure back into our ETL and implement the version control etc. there. Ideally I would like to have few members of my team collaborate and jointly implement the measure plan and then through some SVN (e.g. Git etc.) manage the subsequent changes.


      Not entirely sure how others may have done this. I have seen proposal/workaround mentioned here and on other blogs. Nothing really crisp.  I guess I am looking for a solution similar to Looker's LookML Measure generation.


      Other thoughts are to build measure using XML and then through Alteryx etc. push them back into workbook where the version management is done at this XML layer. (Painful)


      Eventually, the desire is to have one datasource, under source control, and everything else branching off that.