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    How To Create A Histogram For Tableau-Defined Groupings?

    Tom Juliano

      Hi All:


      I've been at Tableau just a couple months and have gotten stumped on something that at first seemed simple.  I am trying to create a histogram (bins) that shows the sum of product groups as defined in Tableau (in this example, it could be "fruits" and "vegetables").  For example, we could have order data:


      Order IDProductQuantity


      What I am trying to get is a histogram for the total quantity of fruits or vegetables for each order ID.  The fruit histogram should have one count for "5" and another for "3".  The vegetable histogram would have one count for "6" and one for "8". 


      I've attempted to use the "FIXED" LOD function to include Order ID and Product (will not allow Tableau-defined product groups), and the product groups as filters, but it usually ends up either giving the quantity of all items in an order or counts each item within the group as an entry.  For example, if the group is "vegetables" the histogram will have an entry for 5,1,4 and 4.  This is not what is desired...


      I hope I am explaining this ok and overlooking a simple option.     Thank you for any help and expertise you can provide!