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    "Edit Set" not working for User Filters [Tableau Desktop 9.2]

    Yashaswi Singh

      I've created a view in Tableau Desktop (version 9.2). I'm trying to restrict the view by creating user filters. So different people viewing the report will see different data based on the filter.

      I've created the User Filter as well, by clicking on Server -> Create User Filter -> Select the field on which the user filter is to be made and then finally making it. However when I try to change permissions in the user filter by clicking on the "Edit Set" option of the user filter I get the error

      • An unexpected error occurred. The "Edit Set" dialog can not be displayed.

      I'm working on a client workbook, hence cannot upload it. I cannot even change my version of Tableau Desktop as it has to be the same as the client's Tableau Server, which is also 9.2.

      Any help will be appreciated.