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    Tableau Data source extract refreshes without error!

    Aiswarya Sundaram

      I have a SQL query that's published onto the server.

      Live connection -> Extract -> Publish to server with embed credentials -> Use the TS data source in the workbook, those are the steps i followed.


      Now due to a sql server upgrade, I have been kicked out of the database for a while (i.e. I am not able to log in to the database with my credentials like before) and hence would expect my extract to not refresh and throw an error/alert.

      But it works just fine!


      To my understanding, TS was just automating this process for me. It would talk to my database server as 'me' and get the data.

      When I myself don't have access how is TS talking to it? :/


      So,is it simply refreshing an old extract without adding new data? or

      it doesn't care about user credentials anymore as the Server address and tables still exist in the database server?


      You might suggest to check if today's data is updated! but this is a contracts database. So i won't have a daily record for this, at least not in the past two days!


      Would greatly appreciate if someone could help me understand what i'm missing out.