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    MS SQL Server Stored Procedure Data Source Not Refreshing

    Jason Miller


      Appreciate any thoughts on the below.



      Windows 10

      Tableau Desktop 9.3.4

      Data Source: Stored procedure on MS SQL Server 2012



      I am connecting live to a MS SQL server stored procedure data set. I then add a new data element to my stored procedure output on the database side. I output my stored procedure code to a temp table on the database side and can see the newly added data element.


      I navigate back to Tableau and right click on the data source and click refresh, after it runs for a bit, new data element is not available.



      What is the best practice to get newly added fields from a stored proc to appear?


      The only methods that seem to work are:


      1. Add the same exact data source and then replace one with the other, this has implications because sometimes Tableau renames fields with spaces and my calculated fields within Tableau have to be updated.
      2. Close my workbook and reopen, this seems to refresh everything


      Seems this should be simple and maybe I am missing something?


      Appreciate comments from other folks and their experiences.



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          Dmitry Chirkov

          You pretty much summarized a defect we have filed internally with exactly the same two workarounds.

          Defect notes say we'll have it fixed in 10.0 but it won't be addressed in a prior versions due to fix complexity.


          Voicing your concern via support cases helps us prioritize so definitely file one of you don't plan to upgrade and workarounds are not acceptable for some reason.



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