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    One Sheet Multiple Times on Dashboard

    Barry Sheldon



      I have a Talbeau worksheet which gives a 5-year range of whatever dataset I feed it (Creating a 5-Year Range Chart ).  The 5-year range chart is how I evaluate the performance of a student and it works great.  The data I have is just 4 columns - Date, Performance, Student Name, Student's School.  I have 42 different students at 7 different schools (6 students per school).  What I am trying to do is the following:


      - Create a dashboard which will show the performance chart of 6 students.  In other words, the 5-year range chart, but repeated 6 times with a different student's performance in each chart.

      - Create a toggle which allows me to select which school to view.  When I select a school, the charts will update to show the performance of the 6 students at that school.


      Any idea how to do this?  I am trying to find a simple way of just repeating the same sheet 6 times with a different filter on each sheet.  I am also trying to avoid recreating the sheet over and over again because I could add several hundred students to this file in the future.