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    Choosing a neigbourhood of data points (action filters)

    Patrik Pavlov

      Dear Tableau community,


      I have an issue related to action filters that I've been trying to solve for a while. The problem concerns different measurements taken on a route. The locations for the measurements are shown in a map, and when clicking on a certain location I want to show the measured values in a line chart for the chosen location but also for neighboring locations. By using a simple action filter, I can display measurements for the chosen locations but I would also like to see the neighboring measurements (e.g. measurements for the positions before and after the chosen position).


      E.g. When I click on a point in the map which turns out to be position 1234, I want measured values for positions 1233,1234,1235 to show up in my line chart.


      I know that I could mark several points in the map and all of them would show up in my line chart but this is not very optimal for my purpose.


      I attach a workbook for my problem.

      Help is much appreciated!