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    Problem displaying bar charts published to Tableau Public

    Rhys Powell



      I have recently uploaded a piece of work to Tableau Public and there is some sort of display error with the bar charts.  They are basic horizontal bar charts with a reference line.  Everything looks fine on the desktop version and the version uploaded to our server, however once uploaded to Public for some reason some of the charts, not all, develop an error generating the bars fully but the reference line is fine, but if you download the workbook from public to view on the desktop version it is fine again.  Unfortunately I cannot share links to the actual version but will do my best to explain and hopefully the screengrabs have attached.


      Basically, the reference line is fine and in the correct place, but the bars for some reason don't start at zero and do not go as far as they should, for example should be 10 but visually only goes up to 5.  The tooltips, which are populated based on the data used to generate the bars, are correct, and as I said it is only on public and only with certain charts, and when downloaded to use on desktop is fine which leads me to believe it isn't a data error or it would on all versions.


      Any ideas?



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          Ashish Chaudhari

          Hi Rhys,


          If its on public, then can you please share the link since its available to everyone to see at least. You can restrict the workbook download but allow us to download the data in excel format. I will try same and then we can probably compare.



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            Rhys Powell

            Hi Ashish


            I can't due to the nature of the data sorry, I realise this isn't much help but my hands are tied there.  I could make a copy of the data and remove all references to anything so it's just a bunch of numbers but as I said in my original post the charts in question display perfectly in the desktop and our work server version, it is just the public version where an error occurs but disappears if you download the workbook and view on the desktop.  A colleague has tried downloading to her desktop version and that works fine as well.


            It's like the public version is struggling to process certain outputs correctly or something, as you can see in the images the data pattern and location of the reference line is correct, just the incorrect sizing for the bars, like a chunk has been removed for some reason.  I am not making any changes between uploads either.  I'm no expert but if it is displaying fine in 2 out of 3 versions and the version with an error when downloaded to a desktop version is fine I don't see how can't be an issue with the underlying data.  If it is a data issue then it is occurring somewhere on the upload on a handful of charts in a very specific way, then somehow being fixed when downloaded as a workbook and viewed on a desktop, if that is the problem I don't see how that could be recreated.  All the data for all charts is in one excel sheet and all the data is the same format.