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    filtering view does not apply to grand total

    vitavas itthianuwat

      I have tried to hide the field in the report but the grand total still showing the sum of all the value?

      For example, now the total invoice amt is 3,240,030, but when i click on hide button the total invoice amt still the same.

      Is there anyway to fix this problem.


      I also the attach the workbook and the image

      let me explain my situation little bit. This is sale transaction report that need adjust by removing the return/cancel transaction.


      1. first Egvdsc field is the column that mark the transaction type. for example AR30200 need to filterout, but the rest is find

      2. runcount is to find out if transaction is duplicate.

      3. egreco is used to indicate which transaction need to filter out also, but it has to be used with "check" field.

      4.show/hide column i made it to indicate which row need to be hidden

      5.amt filter is used to suppress the row with "egvdsc" type "AR30200"


      pls. let me know if you need more info.


      *you find the calculation i created in the workbook.

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