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    HTML Tags that are not supported in "Email Body *"

    Taku Kato


      I am currently trying to wrap my head around the limitations of the HTML tags in the "Email Body *" field.

      I understand that simple HTML tags such as <p>, <br>, <a href>, <b>, etc. can be used.

      However, are there any HTML tags that CANNOT be used in the "Email Body *" field, or any I should avoid using for some reason?


      Many thanks in advance.

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          Matt Coles

          HTML is just text, and VizAlerts should simply take whatever you provide it and package it up in to a MIME-format email. From there, it gets opened in an email client. So I would guess that anything you want to use that's supported in your email client should theoretically work. But I've never gotten super-fancy with HTML in my alert emails, so I can't say definitively. Here are some I've used successfully:




          <a href>





          <ul>, <li>