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    Sample case study/story Inventory Optimization problem solving using Tableau

    Saikat Halder

      Hi, I am back to this forum, after long time, thanks all for the help I got last year during my internship. I learned Tableau, only basic level, and my employer is very happy with the dashboard I created. Lets get down to business.

      I am looking for a sample case study, just like the customer stories mentioned in the tableau website. My topic is

      How tableau helps in a typical supply chain problem in any industry

      the problem areas can be reducing the lead time, increasing the production throughput, increasing efficiency of shop floor, or inventory optimization, maximizing the service level, minimizing cost  etc.

      My KPIs are:

      Forecast, Dependent Demand, gross requirement, planned orders, projected safety stock, %age of amnufacturing variabilty, %age of supplier lead time variability, %age intransit lead time variability, %age demand variability, target service level, projected service level, mean absolute deviation, mean absolute percentage error,

      I hope I am able to make you understand the situation. I have the KPIs. I need to see a sample case study/story so that I can form my own case, own data set and create a tableau report for my company. I am new to tableau, so kindly guide me. Thanks


      Dependent demand
      Gross requirements
      Planned orders
      Projected Safety stock (units)
           % - Manufacturing Variability
           % - Supplier lead time Variability
           % - Intransit lead time Variability
           % - Demand Variability
      Projected Safety stock (days of supply)
      Projected Safety stock (value)
      Target Service Level
      Projected Service Level
      Mean absolute deviation
      Mean absolute percent error