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    User Permission setting to manually Refresh Extract on Tableau Server?

    yang zhou



      I have a workbook on Tableau Server with an extract. As Server Admin, I can click the "refresh extract" button and execute the refresh. But I could not manage to set the correct permission for other users to refresh the extract.

      With full permission granted (ticked everything), other users can click on this button but will get an error message "You do not have permission to create an extract refresh for this...".


      After playing around it a bit I found if I change the owner of the workbook to another use, he can successfully refresh it (my permission setting is "Managed by the owner"). But users other than owner / admin cannot manually refresh the workbook.

      I have been digging the online help documents and found "only a server administrator can enable scheduling" but couldn't find anything regarding to the manual refresh. Can someone point me to the right document/direction please?


      I am on Server 9.3.

      Thanks in advance.


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