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    Getting first record from multiple records

    Satish Pandey


      I have a requirement where i am showing project related information and different tasks . My requirement is to get single records out of multiple records as attached.


      Project Code                    TaskName             Milestone     Green Date

      ==============              ===========       =========== ===========

      PJ00195                               A                            EAC              5/31/2016

                                                   B                            EAC              6/9/2016

                                                   C                            REL              4/20/2016

                                                   D                            BET              8/4/2016


      PJ01239                               A                            ALP              5/31/2016

                                                   B                            EAC              3/1/2016

                                                   C                            ALP              6/30/2016

                                                   D                            DEV              8/4/2016


      I want to pull very first date based on the green date. Like for project PJ00195, I want to show only TASK C, MILESTONE REL and Green Date 4/20/2016

      Similarly for project PJ01239 i want to pull B, EAC, 3/1/2016. Please advise.