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    Help with tooltip and mark labels

    elizabeth mceleney

      I am trying to use Tableau to recreate some line graphs for my company. For background: the information I'm working with is sorted by date in the columns, by a percentage in the rows, and by market (multiple lines, different colors). Pretty simple stuff.


      On the original graphs, when you hovered over one point of the multiple associated with that date, they all highlighted, and in a tooltip-like box, the numbers for all highlighted points are shown (see picture below).



      Originally, I was trying to see if I could make Tableau's tooltip look like this example. I kept Googling and coming up empty.


      The closest I have come to something similar is by using mark labels. I was able to get all points of the same date to be selected when you click one by using a custom highlighting action. When one point is selected, all numbers for points of the same date appear (I turned on "highlighted" for marks to label). BUT, some labels are unable to be seen because they are behind the lines of the graph or overlapping each other. I've also tried Googling how to bring the labels in front of the lines, but with no luck...


      So my question is: is it possible to do either of these things on Tableau? Whether it be tooltip or the mark labels. Help would be greatly appreciated.



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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello Elizabeth


          I have moved this to the Forums rather than the Community Canvas which is a  place for asking questions about the Community forums themselves.  If you have a how to question related to Tableau - please ask it here in the Forums.

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            Michael Hesser

            Hi Elizabeth;


            I think we can come fairly close to duplicating this.

            If you could provide a .twbx that would help, but my thought is as follows:


            • Include your graph on a dashboard
            • Use one ON HOVER dashboard action to highlight the date
            • Create a new worksheet, formatting it to show the city detail sums. Format this worksheet to get the colors you want.
            • Drop that worksheet into a floating container in the upper quadrant of the screen
            • Now use a second ON HOVER dashboard action to filter the second worksheet by date. Format this so that clearing the selection will exclude all values (this way your info box *should* disappear unless you are on a node)
            • You might have to work a bit to get the date to appear (and disappear) just as you want it... but I'm sure you can work this out


            This should give you a slightly different feel than the Tooltips (a process that is probably far simpler).


            Let me know your thoughts!

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              Jonathan Drummey

              Hi Elizabeth,


              We can set all the mark labels to have a specific alignment to their marks i.e. top left, etc. but that doesn't help when the marks are too close together. We can manually rearrange mark labels to fix that but that's way too much work to do on a daily basis. So mark labels aren't the way to go right now.


              As you've seen Tableau doesn't currently (easily) do this sort of tooltip. We'll be able to do this sometime in the next 12 months (hopefully sooner) when Tableau implements the viz-in-tooltip feature they announced last fall.  In the meantime there are a couple options:


              1) If your list of cities is fixed and relatively small then you could use Level of Detail (LOD) expressions to create a measure for each city and then build the tooltip with all the measures. For example {EXCLUDE [City], [State] : SUM(IF [City] = 'Syracuse' AND [State] = 'NY' THEN [Sales] END)} would return the sales for Syracuse as a measure, then you could put all the measures into the tooltip and manually set up the colors. I set up an example using Tableau's sample coffee chain data and just state in the attached:


              Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 4.17.09 PM.png





              2) Use a separate worksheet for the "tooltip" that is:

              a) placed inside a layout container (which could be floating or tiled)

              b) has the Title turned off

              c) has a Filter Action just on the Date


              I set up a floating version in the attached workbook, here's the original dashboard:


              Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 4.08.35 PM.png


              And when I click on a mark the invisible floating worksheet appears:


              Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 4.08.53 PM.png



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                elizabeth mceleney

                Hi Jonathan,


                Your suggestions really helped! I decided to go with adding another worksheet to use as a ‘tooltip’, but I have one question: how do you get the ‘tooltip’ to only show up when a point is selected? Mine is always on the screen.


                Thanks so much!