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    Popping filters with blank on the right

    John Conlon

      Hi all,


      This seems like it will have a very simple explanation that I have overlooked, but here goes.  I'm unable to pop a filter onto the dashboard when the blank worksheet is to the right of the filter (the filter doesn't move at all), but when the blank is on the left of the filter it behaves as expected (blank collapses and filter moves to the left and onto the dashboard).  The remnants of the collapsed worksheet on the left are creating major formatting issues for the rest of the dashboard, so I'd really prefer the blank to the right of the filter.  I've attached a workbook.  Example 1 pops correctly, but the blank is on the left.  Example 2 does not pop with the blank on the right.  Any help would be much appreciated.


      Also, I'm using version 8.2.