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    Show "All" value

    Sperry Krueger

      I do not want ALL to be an option in one of my filters -- so I have unchecked the Show "All" value in that filter in Tableau Desktop.

      I made sure that the Show "All" value is unchecked in both the worksheet and the dashboard -- so All is not an option for that filter. This is what I have and it's what I want:

      no ALL option - Tableau Desktop.JPG


      However, when I upload it to Tableau Public, it puts the "All" back in the filter options where I don't want it. "All" is now showing as an option in that filter on the Tableau Public view. See:

      ALL option - Tableau Public.JPG


      Why is this happening? I don't want an All option in this filter in Tableau Public and I don't know why it's showing up there when I've made the correct choices in the original workbook in Tableau Desktop.


      Thank you!