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    How to grey out the options in a filter

    yuvaraj pazhamalai



      I am just starting out in Tableau and apologize if this question has already been asked. I couldn't find it since I am not sure if I am searching correctly.


      What I want to do is grey out those values/options in a filter whose measure values are all zero.


      I have two filters which are connected through "Only relevant values" option. I have a bar plot which is connected to these two filters which shows, lets say the number of tableau users by year. (2010-2015)


      If a particular value is selected in the first filter only the relevant values in the second filter are visible which is great but what i want in addition is only for those values in filter B which have some value for at least one of the years. I have a couple of options in second filter which are 0 for all the years. Because of which when those options are selected they just show a white blank plot.


      Is there a way to grey those options in the 2nd filter whose measure values are 0 for all the years. If they have a non-zero value for even 1 out of the 5 years, then its fine, else they should be visible but the user should not be able to select them.