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    Help with Filtering Data Correctly

    Chris Maker

      Hi All - I am a relatively new user for Tableau and new to this community so please bear with me. I have searched for the answer I am trying to find but didn't see what I needed. Its very possible i just didn't recognize an existing answer that would apply to me.


      I have attached a basic version of a workbook I am trying to set up. I am trying to make it work with this simplified dummy data before i apply it to the real thing. The MasterData data source contains the sales records. The PromoProduct contains information about promotions that i want to use to filter the sales data. Each promotion has a name, store list, product list, and dates that define that promo. The dashboard currently has a couple of test graphs to test what i am trying to get to.


      Sheet 1 is a summary of the filtered promotion. It shows the sales for the promotion based on the PromoProduct filters. I would like to add an in/out filter to the rows for stores that had the promotion versus stores that did not. The way it is currently set up, it shows the totals for all stores with the promotion. I'm trying to get a section below it that shows the same summary but for stores not defined in the promo.


      Sheet 2 is also a filtering problem that I don't know how to solve. I would like the promotion name filter to control everything but the dates. I want the filter to change the products and stores but not the date. I'm trying to let this chart have an independent start/stop slider so i can see weeks before and after the promotion - not just during. It wold be great if the weeks defined in the promotion were a different color in order to distinguish the promo time.


      Hopefully what i am trying to do makes sense and there is a solution. Thanks in advance for any help!

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          kevin knorpp

          Not sure I am understanding correctly, but on Sheet 1 can you not simply show the filter for Promo Name.  That way you can select Null to get info for stores without promotion?


          For Sheet 2 (and Sheet 1 after re-reading it) you don't have store anywhere in either view.  Sorry my brain might not be working very well at the moment but seems if you could get the view closer to what you are trying to see (even if not accurate) then it would be easier to help...

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            Chris Maker

            Here is an updated attachment. I added stores to sheet one. I didn't have them included before simply because I don't want to see the store level detail - just the total sum.


            It doesn't sound like selecting null is the answer. I am trying to get a sum for in store versus not in store not just a list of all stores. Being new though, maybe i just need to see an example.


            In my example, Promo 1 is in two stores - stores 1 and 2. I can see what the promo sold for the products in it (A and B). the two stores, and the 3 dates it includes.


            I'm trying to also see what the other stores in my universe, stores 3 and 4, sold while the promotion was running. I'm trying to separate stores to get one sum for stores included in the promotion (1 and 2) and one sum for stores not in the promotion (3 & 4).


            I included an Excel file to try and show a visual for what I'm trying to get two. Sheet 1 shows the products and time in promo 1 but there is a row with stores in the promotion and a row for stores not in the promotion. Sheet 2 is the sum of the products and stores in promo 1. It just allows me to see time periods outside the times defined in promo 1.

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              kevin knorpp

              OK I fiddled with this quite a bit but appears to be outside my abilities at the moment, at least w/r/t data blending.  My plan was to simply create a calculated field for is_promoted but when I do so the field is treated as a measure so cannot use for dimensioning.  The good news is that I am sure there is a simple solution to this and so you should be able to simply key off is_promoted = yes vs no for your graph which IMO should be setup with promoted vs not promoted bars being adjacent for each product/week.  But I'm a SQL guy and thus have not had much use for blending to date as I prep data outside of or on load to Tableau.  If you have flexibility to reshape data then I can definitely help but otherwise I'm stuck.  Sorry 'bout that