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    Performance Improvements for a certain group of people

    Jamie Morgan

      Hi I am trying to find a way to track anyone tagged as a 'growth person' for the last quarter. The growth people are just those that have been assigned a quintile 5 for the quarter, so identifying them is easy but I can't seem to find how to show just those for the previous quarter and also show their current progress if they have moved out of quintile 5. Due to having to use table calculations to create quintiles I am having to use parameters and table calcs to filter so that the results don't change upon filtering.


      Essentially I am looking for a way to define IF quintile 5 for last quarter then Growth Person = Yes


      I don't know if thats possible but any help in pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated


      EDIT: I have now inlcuded a sample set of the type of data I'm working with based on the superstore data set. I would like to see only those customers who have been tagged as quintile 5 in 2014 Q3 but also to see there profit ratio if it has improved or stayed the same in 2014 Q4




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