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    Data Mystery

    Barry Sheldon



      I have a Tableau workbook which graphs calculations of a column of data filtered by a name.  Initially, I built the file with 5 names for filtering.  The workbook worked fine with these names.  However, when I greatly expanded my data set to include 110 different names, the 110 new names work and the old names no longer work.


      The mystery here is that the data for these 5 names can clearly be seen on the import tab of Tableau.  Also, the calculations (which take the last 6 years of data), work fine for the last 5 years of data and do not work for this year of data, even though you can see the data in the dataset.


      Any ideas for debugging this?  The break point was when I expanded the name list to include 110 more names - at that point the initial 5 partially stopped working and the later 110 began to work.  Unfortunately, I cannot publish the workbook!



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          Joe Oppelt

          Do you have data source filters that you don't know about?


          Also, what kind of data source is it?  (Excel?  TDE? etc.)


          If you were to create a brand new workbook that uses the expanded data source, what happens?  (Don't copy sheets.  Don't copy anything.  Just start new.  Attach to the data source new.  Look at it there.)

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            Dmitry Chirkov

            If you can't share workbook (we would need just the TWB - XML definition, not the data) then log file, especially queries from it, can also provide some insights...

            Without any of that - it will remain mystery!


            It's probably not datasource filters since data source tab ("import tab") takes those into account before displaying data so something on the viz.