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    Disaggregate Data


      Hello! I've had good luck on this forum before so here I am again asking (what I'm sure is) a super-simple question. Here goes...


      I am trying to disaggregate Order and Profit data, but when I go to Analysis>Aggregate Measures and uncheck it, my point stays the same. I don't have an array of data points. Here's what I'm doing before disaggregating data:


      aggregated data.png


      Here's what I get after unchecking Aggregate Measures in the Analysis menu.


      disaggregated data.png


      From what I can gather from my research and Tableau's phenomenal Learning resources, I should have many data points. I don't see any change when the data is disaggregated. Can anyone help me? I attached the workbook I'm working on as well. The sheet in question is generically named Sheet 10.


      Also, how do can I create the nifty 0 line on my Orders vs. Profit scatter plot? Something like this:


      0 line.png

      Thanks for any and all help. You guys are the best!

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          Hi Heather!


          This is simply a matter of placing a dimension on detail shelf on the marks card. In my case, I have state:


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            Hello, Pooja!

                 I notice that when I place State on the Details shelf I do get more data points; however, when I go to disaggregate the data, the number of data points stays the same. It seems I am getting more data points because of the State dimension detail not because I disaggregated the data. Again, nothing changes when I disaggregate the data after placing State in the Detail shelf, so that leads me to believe it's the State detail that's leading to more data points rather than any disaggregating. Am I understanding that correctly?


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              Warning: I'm an instructional designer, not a data miner, so my experience with data crunching is limited at best. I'm a quick learner and good technical writer, but I obviously can't design something if I don't understand it completely.





              From what I can gather, aggregated data is a combination of data points that makes querying easy. Aggregated data is the culmination of your data depending on what you're looking for--SUM, Average, etc.





              Disaggregated data, on the other hand, is the individual data that makes up that aggregation. So, in the case of SUM, disaggregated data is all the smaller data pieces added up to get your SUM aggregation.





              So I guess what I'm not seeing is the individual, disaggregated, data used to bring me to my aggregated SUM(Order) and SUM(Profit) numbers, right Dan Cory?

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                Okay. I'm going to carry on a conversation with myself here, but if any Tableau experts can confirm my suspicions, please do!


                I think the problem is that data cannot be disaggregated when the data is blended. In my screenshots you will see the Profit measure is from a secondary data source. I'm ASSUMING that's why I cannot disaggregate it.


                Can someone confirm or deny that for me so I stop banging my head against the wall? Thanks!

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                  Dan Cory

                  Heather -


                  Since blending always aggregates the secondary data, it doesn't make much sense to turn off aggregation. I don't see why we don't disable the menu command, but it would be hard to prevent users from ever reaching the state of aggregate measures off and blending.



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