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    Data Blendng Issue

    Reginald Quaye

      Hi guys, I am pretty brand new to Tableau and I am currently working on a Benchmarking project with my company. So far I am just about finished making a dashboard but I have encountered an issue with gathering data. One of my sheets uses a graph that relies on a property code to change and it refuses to link with the other data source which has property code field. I then made a sheet resembling a table to see if the company codes can match next to each other, I always get the value of null when I know that both sources contain a field based on the property code. When I make a link to both fields, my sheet turns blank. The temporary solution I currently have is that My benchmark has 2 fields with company code but that is not something that I want other departments having to encounter on a regular basis. Are there any specific ideas or reasons that I am suddenly encountering this?


      The sheet is a duplicate of another sheet I previously made that works. The only addition a made on this sheet one is that the property codes were added