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    Abbreviating Alias

    Lynsey Stoick

      Hello all,


      I am having some trouble when editing my alias's in my graph. As you can see from the screenshot below I have tried to create alias's for some of the business units to shorten their names in the pie chart. However, when I click OK to accept these alias's, the names only change in my legends but not the actual pie chart itself. Am I missing something, or is there something else I am suppose to do? Thank you in advance for your help.


      Examples: Building construction products-BCP



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          Tom W

          It looks like you are using a different field on the marks card for labels called 'Top 5 label'. You would need to setup your Aliases on that dimension or switch the label to use the Business Unit dimension where you have setup the aliases.

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            Lynsey Stoick

            Hello Tom,


            Sorry it took me awhile to reply, I have been working on another project. You are correct, the label is a calculated field called 'Top 5 label'. This calculated field allows only the top five values in the pie chart to be labeled. Below is the formula that I used to create this. Because it is a calculated field, there is not any alias's that directly correspond with it but I feel since I reference Business Unit in the formula that it should automatically change to the alias that I defined within Business Unit. Any suggestions?

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              Tom W

              The top 5 calculation won't read from the alias defined in your Business Unit dimension.

              A simple example I created where I aliased the category then created a calculated field referring to the category;


              Some options;

              • Create aliases on the top 5 field as well.
              • Create a calculated field which effectively does the same thing as the aliases you've setup i.e.
                • IF [Business United] = 'BUSINESS CONSTRUCTION PRODUCTS' then 'BCP'
                  ELSEIF [Business Unit] = 'EARTHMOVING' then 'EMD'
                  ELSE [Business Unit]
                • Then you can refer to this new calculation in your top 5 calculation as well as use it in the report.