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    Help! - Displaying Year Over Year (YoY)

    Kyle Boyce

      Good morning fellow Tableau-ers !


      I have a dashboard that I display to my executive team and I need some help on the visual.

      I've created a sample workbook and attached it here.

      The objective of the view is:

           To see last year's actual (month)

           This years Projected (month)

           Are we up or down YoY?

           and what % are we up or down YoY



      The issue that I'm running into is that I need to make the view dynamic so that it changes with the month, that is why I used the LOOKUP function and the date filters the way I did. The one thing that the business wanted to see was the % that we are up/down over this month last year. They wanted to see it in a column to the right of the two YoY numbers. When I put the calculated field in the visual is gives me a blank row to the left of the % column.


      Is there a better way to show this data? Or is there an easier way to no show that blank row(without hide/exclude)?