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    Creating a set that operates within filter controls?

    Matthew Kuchers

      Hi all,

      I feel there must be an answer for this but not sure how to adjust this in Tableau... I have a healthcare data visual I'm creating showing surgeons, according to hospital, with their average time difference between their case scheduled time and case start time. Essentially I'm computing the difference between each time a case is scheduled and the time it starts per surgeon and then averaging those times and showing them on a heat map. I then have a filter which allows you to select a hospital to see those particular surgeons and thier avg scheduled-case start times. Pretty standard... all of this I've got nailed down. The issue is I only want to see the top 10 or bottom 10 surgeons for each hopsital based on their avg times shown on theheat map. Furthermore I only want to show the top 10 or bottom 10 surgons where they have at least 10 cases/records (it's not helpful if one surgeon has a top avg score and it's based off doign one case in a hospital). I have no issues creating a set which does this for the entire visual (all hospitals included). But I want the set to operate within the hospital and count(sum of records)>=10 parameters so that when you go from hospital A to hospital B you see the top ten surgeons of each hospital where the surgeons shown have >=10 records at each hospital being selected.

      Currently if you select hospital A you may only see the top 6 surgeons, because the other 4 top surgeons have no cases at that hospital so they won't show up on the visual. I need it to show top 10 for hospital A and then when I select hospital B, show the top 10 surgeons for hospital B. How do I adjust the set to work in the context of the filters or vice versa?