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    deleted rows/columns instead of 0 in an inverse table

    Anna Thomas

      I have 2 tables - one with filtered values and another that is the inverse of that table e.g. if the top table has the value 100, the bottom will have the value 0 but if the top table have the value 70 the bottom has the value 30.

      However, if the filters make the top table value 0, then in the lower table the row disappears instead of showing 100.

      I realize this is because calculated fields are the last to appear in the tableau hierarchy but is there anyway of overcoming this?



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          Hi Anna,


          How are the tables related besides the inverse field? Are the tables being joined or blended? Without seeing the data or workbook, its hard to suggest which is the best method to use, however, FIXED Level of Detail expressions can be used to calculate values before dimension/measure filters are applied to the view. Is it possible to attach a sample workbook to better understand the issue?


          -hannah @tableau