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    Calculate Sales Hitratio (with filter)

    Franz Kunz

      Hi everyone,


      My name is Franz and I am new here on Tableau. I downloaded the desktop version a couple of days ago and I am still running under trial version.

      Up to now I can do almost everything I need, I just don't know how to add a hit ratio (or so called convert ratio).


      Here an example database:



      Company 1boundLucas $10,000.00
      Company 2boundLucas $10,000.00
      Company 3boundMario $15,000.00
      Company 4LostMario $5,000.00
      Company 5LostMario $5,000.00
      Company 6LostMario $5,000.00
      Company 7LostMario $5,000.00
      Company 8LostLucas $8,000.00
      Company 9LostLucas $8,000.00
      Company 10LostLucas $8,000.00
      Company 11LostLucas $8,000.00
      Company 12LostLucas $8,000.00
      Company 13QuotedLucas $3,000.00
      Company 14QuotedLucas $3,000.00
      Company 15QuotedLucas $3,000.00
      Company 16QuotedMario $3,000.00
      Company 17QuotedMario $3,000.00
      Company 18QuotedMario $3,000.00
      Company 19QuotedMario $3,000.00
      Company 20QuotedMario $20,000.00
      Company 21QuotedMario $20,000.00



      I would like to add to the graphic below a extra number with hit ratio (convert ratio) so I can see from all 'bounds' and 'losts' how much in percentage they do close business.

      The hit ratio number can be in the graphic, or, on a separate one.


      Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 16.14.35.png


      Thank you very much for the support given.