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    Variance between 2 Parameter selections on same dimension for a dynamic measure (also parameter driven)

    craig warpack

      Hi folks,


      I'm working on creating a view that will chart a State's measure (Sales/Profit/Discount) by Category (Tech/Office Supplies/Furniture).  The State filter will be driven by a parameter (i.e. State 1) and the measure displayed will also be parameter driven (i.e. Measure).  What I would like to be able to do is to compare State 1 vs another State (i.e. State 2 parameter) and display the delta as a label above each bar.  How can I accomplish this?


      Also, I would like to show State 1's rank in that measure as well as how it compares vs State 2 (i.e. "+3").


      Any input on how to best achieve this would be really appreciated.


      I've attached the workbook for context.



      Thank you,