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    How to report Tableau Desktop traffic to data sources hosted on Tableau Server?

    . Clement

      Hello community


      Our setup:

      - Tableau server (9.3)

      - All data sources are prepared by one admin, published to Tableau server and made available to desktop users

      - Our Tableau Desktop users have to connect to the data sources hosted on Tableau server to build/run their reports.They cannot load/save the data sources locally.


      Is there a way to report traffic to data sources hosted on Tableau Server from people using Tableau Desktop (similar to  the standard report in Tableau server » Status » Traffic to Data Sources » "Who Uses Data Sources Most Often?", but limited to data source access from Tableau Desktop) .


      I have enabled acces to admin views, but I have no idea in which table to look into. (http://onlinehelp.tableau.com/current/server/en-us/help.htm#adminview_postgres_connect.htm)


      Thank you, Clément