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    How to create a parallel coordinates plot (parallel axis plot) with different scales for each axis?

    Eleanor Platt

      Hello there,


      I have seen quite a lot of discussion here about parallel coordinates plots. Has anybody thought of a way to have different scales for each variable (rather than having to normalise each variable to make a single scale)? It would make the visualisation much easier and simpler to use and understand.


      One thought I had was to have the single normalised axis, and to then simply add in lines with equally spaced marks for the axes (so they don't really do anything but are there to reference from). I couldn't find a way of adding these lines, and it isn't ideal either.


      Any tips on parallel axis plots in Tableau would be very much appreciated.


      If you have any questions on the example, please ask and I'll be grateful for any suggestions. I would have thought Tableau could create a parallel coordinates plot much more easily than this!!!