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    Dynamic update of Filters


      Hi All,



      I need some help to sort out this requirement. I have a working View displaying a comparison chart between TWO different re-forecasts, which are done on a monthly basis. e.g. latest comparison is between June and April re-forecast as in below image:

      I created 2 parameters AFLatest and AFComparison which are selected by the drop-downs. The drop-down is fed by a field from the Database - "Submission Month".

      Problem: Every month when we have a new re-forecast and a new set of data will be added with new "Submission Month" field (next month "2016 - July Reforecast" will be added to the "Submission Month" field). However, when I refresh the extract "2016 - July Reforecast" is not added to the drop-down filter. I am required to do a manual update by editing the parameter.


      I need help to solve these two:

      • How can I display all the Unique values from "Submission month", so there is no need for manual interference?
      • Is there a way to display the latest Submission in the "AFLatest" drop-down and the month before latest in the "AFComparison"


      Please find the sample tableau file attached.


      Thanks in advance,




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          Bumping up!


          Hi guys,


          Any ideas on how I can get the above requirement?




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            Swarup K

            I am not sure whether this will help you or not. just tried.


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              Hi Swarup,


              This is what I have been doing in the uploaded sample file. What I need is an alternative which updates the drop-down automatically on every data refresh.




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                Swarup K

                Auto refresh does not currently exist, we need to update parameter manually.

                Parameter doesn't refresh

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                  Hi Swarup,


                  Any alternative/workaround to achieve these requirements without using parameters? Not a very usable option, especially since I publish this file onto server and automated data inputs.




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                    Swarnalatha Mannar Mannan

                    Hi Ravi,

                    Feature of Dynamic update of parameters is still not available in Tableau. If you need your filters to dynamically update kindly use the field as quick filter.

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                      Thanks Swarnalatha. That is probably the best thing to do as I do need a drop-down.


                      Any idea on how to capture the selected value into a parameter or into a calculated field? As the data is undergoing certain calculations based on Which month is selected.


                      Thank you,




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                        Michael Hesser

                        Hello Ravi;


                        Three ideas, from easiest to most difficult:


                        #1 Include all the Submissions-- even those not yet entered-- into your parameter.

                        Naturally, a user who looks for December data will receive no info.


                        This requires that you know exactly how the submission string will be phrased in advance.


                        #2 Turn your Submission string into a date

                        This equation worked to get the month:


                        DATEPARSE("dd.MMMM.yyyy", "01."+ MID([Submission],7,len([Submission])-17) + ".2016")


                        Format it so it defaults to month; drop it as a filter in context.

                        Use some MIN/MAX calcs based on your context Month to control the Latest/Previous values.


                        Issues: you won't have handy drop-down boxes, and the order in which months are compared will be the same.


                        #3 Dashboard Actions


                        It might be possible to utilize dashboard actions to get the results you need.


                        You create a workbook showing the submission months: this allows your display to be dynamic (though it will display all months at once-- no drop-down).


                        Create a second workbook linked to this first one.


                        The user clicks for a single choice, Ctrl-Clicks for more than one. (I know, clunky)


                        You can use the calcs above to tease the month from the Submission, allowing you to sort the months appropriately.


                        Issues: this is clunky and not very user friendly. It also takes quite a bit of programming


                        I hope this gives you a few things to think about... Good luck! -- Michael

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