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    Tableau Server - Pie Charts appear with no background color

    Dominique Trincat



      I'm facing what I think could be a bug with Tableau Server.

      I have a Viz which contains 2 columns. In the first column a bar chart, in  the second it displays Pie charts.

      On tableau desktop the pie charts appear correctly but on tableau Server the pie charts have no background color if the percentage is 100%, otherwise the coloring is correct.

      Event stranger, if I revert the columns (Pie charts first, bar chart second), or I only let the Pie chart column, the problem disappears...


      You'll find an example with SuperStore reproducing the issue and screenshots from the Server

      Pie Chart Issue - 1.png

      Pie Chart Issue - 2.png


      Note that the pie chart is present for "East" row. I can hover or select it. It's really only the background color that is not present.


      Tableau desktop version: 9.3.4 (9300.16.0708. 1543) 64-bit

      Tableau server version: 9.3.3 (9300.16.0606.1812) 64-bit

      Browsers used: Microsoft IExplorer 11.0.9600.18376 / Mozilla Firefox 47.0


      I don't know if it is a know issue of Tableau Server, I didn't find any references to it for the moment...


      Thanks for your help,

      Best regards,