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    Show Different Label Marks for individual rows selectively


      I'm using Measure Values for combining two measures: Count of Clients (As a percentage) and % Retention (Calculated field which uses another calculated field called Numerator Retention in it's formula over the total to calculate the %)

      When I use Label Marks for Measure Values, I get the right respective percentages.

      Now I'm unable to selectively use mark labels to show the respective count of clients or numbers behind the percentages.


      Eg: For Private Residence, I only want 125 to show with 60% which is the actual number behind the percentage. And I want only 119 to show with 95%


      When I try editing the Labels text, it edits it for all labels together and hence I'm getting all labels for all rows and not how I want it to show selectively as I described.


      Is there a solution for this? Please let me know. Thank you.