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    Forecasting error -- Missing Data

    Ron Chipman

      I'm new to leveraging forecasting within Tableau and was hoping to experiment a bit with some fairly robust data.  I'm getting the following error message.


      Below is a screen shot of my data.  Because of sensitivity, I'm not showing any of the headings, but the data is grouped by month, and is at the daily level.  From what I can see, I have TONS of data.  So what is missing?  Is it because 2 of the product lines are new and don't have the history that the others have?


      My goal would be to forecast for the current month (based on the daily trend from prior months), and then start to look at how to forecast for the next month, and then the quarter.  This looks like highly predictable data, so really frustrated that I can't even get started.  I read through a lot of the posts, but they are much more advanced, and can't get there.  Please help?!