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    What settings control access to url from tableau server?

    Stephen Jay

      I previously had my tableau server setup correctly such that I could access it through a browser using its URL (http://servername) from any computer on my network AS WELL as the server itself.

      I did something stupid and tried to use the windows IIS server on the same machine as my tableau server.

      My port 80 settings got screwed up, which prevented my network computers from accessing the tableau service.
      After backtracking a bunch of settings, I finally managed to get the http service to work again for the computers on the network.

      However, the server itself cannot access the tableau service via a browser (http://servername). I can use http:/localhost//, but it is finicky because some links lead to dead ends.


      server url.png



      Can someone please help me with two questions:

      1) Any idea what setting I should look at to restore URL access from my server browser? I tried to completely disable windows IIS services on my machine, but it looks like it's still messing things up.

      2) If I'm stuck using localhost, where can I learn more the directory structure and how it relates to the regular URL structure? I had some tabcmd scripts which relied on regular URLs, but they no longer work due to this problem.


      Thanks so much