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    Showing multiple value ranges which are driven by different date fields

    Lucie Brett



      I really hope someone can help me with this problem!


      I have to show the median of a range of values where there is a date in a field. I have three different lines to show that are driven off three different date fields. I can easily create the line graph for each one but I am struggling to add them to the same chart as my column value is each date field.


      My possible solution was to create a date field from a calculated field (not sure how to do this), revert all date entries to the 1st of the month and then create a relationship between the date fields however I don't know how to create this relationship in the same data source, but I suspect I am maybe thinking about this problem the wrong way around!


      I also have to show a line from another data source however I thought best to get this sorted first.


      Does that make sense? Thanks so much for your valuable time!