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    multiple sheets in a dashboard according to a category

    Nick Zhao

      I have a table where the data is categorized using a column named "city".


      I am supposed to do analysis to each city available in the data, which include a bar chart and a line chart (according to the data belonging to each city).


      At the end of the day, I need to design one single dashboard that contains all pairs of bar chart and line chart belonging to every city available in the data.


      So a sample layout would be


                          New York

      Bar chart                         Line chart


      Bar chart                         Line chart


      Bar chart                          Line chart


      Bar chart                         Line chart



      Now, if there are only a few cities in the data, I can just create two sheets for each city and manually drag all the sheets to my dashboard, making the layout I want.


      But what if I have a LOT of cities, and I want to have this list of pairs of bar chart and line chart generated automatically?


      Any idea would be appreciated!